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Tito Rojas - Por Mujeres Como Tu

Por Mujeres Como Tu

Tito Rojas 1695466501
Mimi Ibarra - Duele (duo Con Tito Rojas)

Duele (duo Con Tito Rojas)

Mimi Ibarra 1695466195
Celia Cruz - Que Le Den Candela

Que Le Den Candela

Celia Cruz 1695465962
Tommy Olivencia - Lobo Domesticado

Lobo Domesticado

Tommy Olivencia 1695465686
Anthony Cruz - Dile a El

Dile a El

Anthony Cruz 1695465364
El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico - Un Verano en Nueva York

Un Verano en Nueva York

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico 1695465099
A Palo Seko - Pedro Navaja (Ruben Blades)

Pedro Navaja (Ruben Blades)

A Palo Seko 1695464659
DLG - La Soledad

La Soledad

DLG 1695464358
Victor Manuelle - Asi Es la Mujer

Asi Es la Mujer

Victor Manuelle 1695464057
Ruban Blades - Plastico


Ruban Blades 1695463674

About Salsa Radio

Salsa Radio is a popular radio station based in Australia, known for its vibrant and energetic salsa music. The station offers a diverse range of salsa tunes, from classic hits to contemporary favorites, catering to a wide audience of salsa enthusiasts.

Listeners can enjoy a variety of shows and programs, each focusing on different aspects of salsa music and culture. The station's talented team of hosts and DJs are passionate about sharing their love for salsa, ensuring a lively and engaging listening experience for all.

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