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With a modern and easy-to-use interface, the myTuner radio app offers the best listening experience on all your favorite devices. Any time, any place.

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MyTuner Radio is a directory of radio stations and podcasts. Our mission is to ensure that every music lover can listen to the best radio stations the world has to offer, anytime and anywhere. Our vision is to enhance the radio experience through new gadgets and devices.

We want to make our listeners’ lives easier. Like in your audio car system, you can easily browse or simply search for your favorite radio station. Our algorithms allow us to understand what listeners like and suggest relevant new content accordingly. It also gathers all sorts of relevant data, enabling us to create ranks of the most listened-to songs per genre and country, based on what people actually listened to on the radio. Try myTuner Radio app for free!

Our directory is updated every day based on user-generated content, broadcasters’ contacts, as well as our own editorial reviewers who filter the content generated. We receive hundreds of emails daily from broadcasters who want to create or update their stations’ records in our directory. Register now or learn more and start broadcasting your content to myTuner’s global audience.

  • Radio 50 000 radio stations in 200 countries and territories
  • Podcast 1 million Podcasts
  • Music Average usage of 50 minutes per session
  • Globe More than 50 million downloads

MyTuner Radio data feeds Top Charts, a website that gives all fans, artists, labels, and other agents of the music industry, detailed information about the songs of the moment in over 40 countries.

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