Happy World Radio Day

Every year, on February 13th, is celebrated the World Radio Day.

Every year, on this date, people celebrate the importance of radio through times.

Here on myTuner Radio, we are passioned about Radio, and we believe that today we need it more than ever.

The Radio has the amazing power to touch people lives and bring together different communities across the Globe.

Throughout history, Radio has helped people to make revolutions, brought communities together, took the news to places where almost nothing reached. 

There are many different reasons why we choose to listen to a Radio station, some want to listen to music, others want to be updated on the news, others love their talk shows. But the reason isn’t what matters for us. myTuner Radio wants to bring the radio to everyone, anywhere.

We celebrate this day with so much happiness for this community we created which share the same passion about Radio. Every day we grow and welcome new people to this amazing path.

Thank you to all our lovely users, and Happy World Radio Day to everyone.

Feb 13, 2017
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