Top New Songs by myTuner - Discover the Hits

Last update on May 27, 2016.

Top New Songs by myTuner - Discover the Hits

It’s hard to keep track on the mass amount of new songs released each day and this is why top music charts are so useful. If you enjoy knowing which are the biggest hits out there, on the top music charts, there’s a myTuner app for that, Top New Songs.

myTuner Radio has recently launched a new iOS app, Top New Songs by myTuner. This top music chart app gives you access to thousands of songs from the tops on worldwide scale in a very innovative way, with a 3D globe. With this Top music charts app you can check what songs are hot right now, stream video clips of your favorite songs from YouTube, as well as get more details on the artist/album and be redirected to the store to buy the songs you enjoyed the most.

You can filter your top music charts by music genre (Alternative, Blues, Children's Music, Classical, Country, Dance, Electronic, Fitness, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Reggae, Rock and Soundtrack) and focus on songs or albums. The top music charts can be filtered by country and there are 100 different countries for you to choose from.

Moreover, Top New Songs by myTuner also features the following top music charts, the Top 100 most played songs each day in each country and the Top 100 successes in the previous year also per country. You can check which local artists are on the top music charts in each market, which new songs are going up on the top music charts and which are the most played songs on the radio in each country. If you wonder what music are your friends listening to, you can also check this with this app, since it allows you to share what you’re listening to with your friends through social media.

myTuner Radio provides 30,000 radio stations in more than 150 countries on a daily basis. This means that users have access to millions of radio stations every day and to songs that are playing on the radio. We couldn’t go by without exploring this awesome source of information, since it allows us to know which songs are our users from all over the world listening to. This is why we created different top music charts that reveal this information:  

You can select a country (150 available), 5 different types of top music charts (Today’s top 10, 2015 top 40, most played on the radio, new songs on top 100, local artists’ top 40) and even filter by music genre (15 available). Be amazed by all the information we can give you! And since we love mobile apps, we built an iOS app that features all this information in an original way, with a 3D globe!

If you’re looking for an app to get the most out of top music charts, Top New Songs by myTuner is a great way to discover and enjoy new songs on your iPhone, iPad or iPod every day, on every occasion.

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