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Hack brings you the stories that matter to young people. Every weekday host Dave Marchese and the triple j Hack team cover the latest news, politics and culture from all around Australia.

Emisora: ABC News Radio
Categoría: Noticias y Politicas
  • 2283 
    - The Shakeup: Cooked rental inspections, Elon's AI existential crisis and eSports in the Olympics?
    Fri, 31 Mar 2023
  • 2282 
    - Olympic eSports, youth suicide, trans rights and UN climate duties
    Thu, 30 Mar 2023
  • 2281 
    - Ticket sale struggles, kids vaping and Peter Bol tests negative
    Wed, 29 Mar 2023
  • 2280 
    - Mass protests in Israel, youth advisors and there's water on the moon!
    Tue, 28 Mar 2023
  • 2279 
    - Climate deal done, Labor dominance, #MeToo in Korea and how sweat could help your anxiety
    Mon, 27 Mar 2023
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