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Acerca de Classic Metal Radio

Welcome to the airwaves of nostalgia and power chords, Classic Metal Radio is the definitive destination for fans of heavy riffs and epic solos. Broadcasting a meticulously curated selection of hard rock anthems and metal classics, this station is a haven for those who worship at the altar of rock legends. From the soaring vocals of the '70s to the thunderous bass lines of the '80s, Classic Metal Radio transcends time, bringing the golden age of metal into the homes and hearts of listeners worldwide.

Whether you're looking to relive the headbanging hits of yesteryear or discover the roots of modern metal, Classic Metal Radio offers a diverse lineup of tracks that defined a genre. Tune in for an auditory journey through the history of metal, accompanied by insightful commentary and facts that enrich the listening experience. This is where metal lives on, unapologetic and loud, for the global community of classic metal aficionados.

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13-280 West Beaver Creek Rd Suite #164 Richmond Hill, ON Canada L4B 3Z1
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